For more than 50 years, Zephyrhills® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has been flowing through Florida. We're proud to be a part of this community, which is why we help take care of it through sponsorships, donations and volunteering here in the Sunshine State.


We are inspired by the people who make the Sunshine State a wonderful place to live, and we want to support those that are making a difference.

Over the next four months, with our “Good News Grants” program, we’ll be giving away $1K per day to charitable organizations across Florida to further the amazing work they are doing in areas such as education, food banks, community development, sustainability, and more.

The individuals and groups within these local organizations have inspiring stories about the amazing work that they are doing and we want to help them tell their stories. So we’ll be sharing the good news of their accomplishments and how they are changing their communities for the better.



Join us in the Feel-Good Movement by sharing good news stories from your local communities on social media and by tagging #ZHGoodNews for a chance to be featured on the Zephyrhills® social media pages

About Some of Our Latest Recipients

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re awarding our Good News Grants to a number of different charitable organizations throughout October. These organizations are tasked with doing tremendous work to help individuals and families impacted by cancer. Below are just a few of the stories we’ve been receiving about how these $1,000 grants are helping them to continue to support patients and their families.



“We will put this $1,000 grant toward our Direct Service program which funds nonprofits who provide living expenses. We will begin to distribute our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grant funds today during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We are proud to partner with Zephyrhills Brand in our mission to help those we serve, especially during these unprecedented times”

- Tracy Jacim, President and CEO



“We are incredibly grateful to Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water for their generosity and opening up their hearts to give a boost to our cancer patients who are going through the most difficult times of their lives. The grant could not come at a better time as our cancer stricken families and individuals lives are already being turned upside down financially and emotionally and they are experiencing even more anxiety and challenges due to the Coronavirus Epidemic.”

- Stanton Collemer, CEO



“We are sincerely grateful to Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water for recognizing the positive impact of Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) Foundation through its Good News Grants Program. No one should have to choose between paying for everyday living expenses and receiving cancer treatment. Thanks to the generous support of our donors and dedicated volunteers, the FCS Foundation is able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in need of non-medical financial assistance.”

- Lynn Rasys, Executive Director



“When a child is diagnosed with cancer their life changes drastically. Chemotherapy treatments, doctors’ visits and trips to the hospital soon consume the majority of their time. Indeed life changes for the entire family. The many programs and services provided by the Kids Cancer Foundation make it possible for the Foundation to meet the myriad of needs of our young patients and families. This is only possible thanks to our generous donors, like Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. We could not continue these vital resources without their support.”

- Michelle O’Boyle, Founder and Executive Director


These are some of the organizations that are doing great things in Florida. Keep checking back for more!


Sept 1st – Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful

Sept 2nd – High Springs Chamber of Commerce

Sept 3rd – Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County

Sept 4th – Feeding Northeast Florida

Sept 5th – K9s For Warriors

Sept 6th – YMCA of the Suncoast

Sept 7th – Meals on Wheels of Tampa

Sept 8th – Bream Fishermen Association

Sept 9th – Food for Life Network

Sept 10th – Hunger Fight

Sept 11th – Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida

Sept 12th – Walton Middle School Agriculture Program

Sept 13th – South City Foundation

Sept 14th – Liberty Strong

Sept 15th – Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Sept 16th – Branford High School FFA Chapter

Sept 17th – Homeless Empowerment Program

Sept 18th – Charity for Change

Sept 19th – Greater Pasco County Chamber of Commerce

Sept 20th – Bell High School FFA Bee Keeping Program

Sept 21st – Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife

Sept 22nd – Keep Polk County Beautiful

Sept 23rd – Citizens Moving Forward

Sept 24th – Fort White FFA

Sept 25th – Feeding the Gulf Coast

Sept 26th – Wiregrass Ranch High School Band Program

Sept 27th – Ability Tree of Florida

Sept 28th – Healthy Start Coalition of Pasco County

Sept 29th – Keep Highway Park Beautiful

Sept 30th – Buddy System MIA

Oct 1st – Florida Breast Cancer Foundation

Oct 2nd – Feed the Need

Oct 3rd – Naples Zoo

Oct 4th – Keep Lake Placid Beautiful

Oct 5th – New Hope Charities

Oct 6th – Florida H2O Coalition

Oct 7th – Ability Tree First Coast

Oct 8th – The Rita Foundation

Oct 9th – All Faiths Food Bank

Oct 10th – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Oct 11th – Silly Sock Saturdays



As a water company that relies on nature, we have a responsibility to take action and protect it. Starting with our bottles. We’re proud to announce that our 20oz, 700mL, 1L, and 1.5L still water sizes will now be made with 100% recycled* & 100% recyclable plastic. This action reduces the need for new plastic, helps give existing bottles a new life, and helps keep plastic out of landfills and waterways.


But we need your help! Unfortunately, less than 30% of plastic bottles are recycled today in the US. Look for our “I’m Not Trash!” limited edition labels, and make sure you put empty bottles where they belong—in the recycling bin. The more plastic you recycle, the more we can use to create new recycled bottles, and the less plastic waste is generated. Now that’s some good news.


*excludes labels and caps

Zephrhills® Brand "I'm Not Trash!" bottles


In addition to our partnerships, we also work within our own company to reduce waste. Since 1994, we've reduced the amount of PET plastic in our half-liter bottles by 60% and changed our labels to save almost 20 million pounds of paper. Our bottles are also 100% recyclable.


How do you spread good water stewardship? One way (which we've been supporting since it took to the road in 2013) is through a fully equipped mobile learning lab called WaterVentures. This free resource, a customized 53-foot semi-trailer, brings environmental education and stewardship to schools and community events all around Florida 12 months a year, 6 days a week. In 2017, this educating machine reached its 1 millionth visitor!


We've been lucky enough to be the leading sponsor and partner of the Crystal Springs Foundation since its start as a nonprofit organization in 2004. This world-class living laboratory and sanctuary provides quality environmental education programs which empower students to make environmentally conscious decisions. Through the Foundation, more than 50,000 students a year visit Crystal Springs Preserve to participate in hands-on lessons about springs ecology at the impressive 530-acre sanctuary. It's also a good opportunity to drop by their butterfly gardens, hike along miles of wooded trail or even go kayaking.


Our partnership with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful helps support one big goal — to promote environmental stewardship through volunteerism and educational opportunities. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, the Zephyrhills® brand and other supporters have banded together to focus on projects that will significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of litter and debris entering the Hillsborough River Watershed.

community volunteers

pounds of trash removed

In 2016 alone, Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and its 7,762 community volunteers removed a whopping 241,755 pounds of trash from
waterways and shorelines.



20,000+ estimated people given daily access to recycling bins, which will collect an estimated 60,000 lbs. of recyclables annually

120 + 100 recycling bin

120 permanent recycling bins added to public spaces and 100 event recycling bins supplied for community events