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Zephyrhills® comes from six natural springs, all located in the beautiful state of Florida.

Explore all six!

Zephyrhills® comes from six natural springs, all located in the beautiful state of Florida.

George is a hydrogeologist.  He monitors water flows, tracks precipitation levels and measures change in the ecological systems.  

All of this is to help ensure the springs and surrounding areas are sustainably managed. And to get the highest quality water delivered fresh for you.

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Want to know about YOUR bottle? We want you to have all the facts - like the exact day it was sourced from the earth.

Check it out! Look closely for the small code on your bottle, etched either above or below your label.


The Zephyrhills ® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water you're drinking was carefully sourced from one of our natural Florida springs.

It’s not uncommon that our water travels from spring to shelf within the same week! 


But that’s not where this journey ends...

Designed for Recycling

Our bottles are designed to be 100% recyclable when empty. Remember to put the cap back on before you recycle!

We use #1 PET plastic, which can be recycled over and over and over again!

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Recycling bottles 1
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Recycling bottles 2


Less Than

of plastic bottles get recycled in the US.

The rest likely end up in landfills…

Some in oceans.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Together, we can make a change.

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your bottle

And the next one.
And the next one.

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There are recycling facilities all over the U.S. that can help to turn it into something new—even a new Zephyrhills bottle!

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Recycling Bin

Curious about recycling in your own community? Visit berecyled.org for details specific to you.

And, if your community needs a recycling program, we want to know.

We’re committed to a better bottle. Look for our

100% recycled plastic

*20-ounce, 700-mL, 1-liter, 1.5-liter bottles. Caps and labels can be recycled, but are not yet made with recycled content.


Along with our sister brands, we’ve committed $6 million to The Closed Loop Fund to help increase recycling rates across America.  And as more & more bottles are recycled, our goal is to start replacing new plastic with recycled plastic, starting in 2020.

Together we can create a fresher future for generations to come.