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My first volunteer effort with our company was the Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic. I was working the event, delivering and passing out water, meeting people, the whole nine yards. I don’t know if I could’ve imagined back then that I’d be involved with the event for the next 12 years! Since that first race, I’ve definitely taken more of a leadership role within the company, trying to tie Zephyrhills back into the community as much as possible with additional volunteer efforts at other running events in the area. I now spearhead all Zephyrhills water donation and delivery efforts.

I believe in paying it forward. It’s a value I’ve stressed to my daughter Tayla, pretty much since she was old enough to understand. A lot of what I do – the volunteering, the local clean up events, supporting the causes in the community – that’s all for her, and me trying to be a good example for her. Now that she’s a little older, she’s become a big part of our team. She’s right there with me when we’re delivering water and passing bottles out to the runners, the same things I started out doing. So when I watch her, it feels like it’s all come full circle. It’s great because we’re spending all this time together, and we get to bond over giving back.

Trevor, Warehouse Manager

Trevor, Warehouse Manager