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Bottled From Only Flordia Springs

If you're from Florida like us, you know water. But we're not just talking about splashing around on the shore and building sand castles. We also know that Florida's fresh-tasting, refreshing spring water naturally comes from the earth. So when we source Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water, we know that the naturally occurring minerals provide the waters' great taste — just like nature intended.

Crystal Springs, FL 2015

Special Spring Sources

It's no secret that Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water comes from right here in Florida. And now we want to introduce you to some of the special springs that make it all possible. Take a look around and see what makes each of them (and the communities they serve) so amazing.

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Cypress Spring


A Spring Among Cypress Trees

When you live in the Panhandle, you're surrounded by beauty: rolling sand hills, piney woods, limestone caverns, the mysterious cypress hammocks (and of course, natural spring water from Cypress Spring).

White Springs


A Spring with Some History

Once a popular gathering place to picnic (and even roller-skate), White Springs is also home to 100% natural spring water. You'll find it in the sand hills just west of Tallahassee by the Apalachicola River.

Blue Spring


A Spring with Southern Flair

Lots of people say that the further north you go in Florida, the more southern hospitality you'll receive. But you'll find a lot more than good manners in the northern part of our state. There's also our wonderful spring source, Madison Blue Spring, gently flowing on the banks of the historic Withlacoochee River.

Spring of Life


Flowing with Natural Beauty

Despite a name that sounds like folklore, drinking from the Spring of Life doesn't allow you to live forever. But it does offer that fresh-tasting Zephyrhills® Natural Spring Water that helps keep us Floridians hydrated, which we think is magic enough.

Crystal Springs


The Spring That Started It All

Don't let its name fool you — there are no crystals at this spring just outside of Tampa. The real treasure is the naturally crisp, crystal clear water emerging from the lush subtropical landscape, right by a town named (you guessed it) Zephyrhills.

Karen P. Vice President, Crystal Springs Foundation


Florida is a great place to live and work, and we believe in treating our neighbors right and lending a hand when we can. That starts with sustainable spring management — but we also help some nonprofits with important projects from one Florida community to the next. From cleaning waterways, to spreading environmental education, to employee volunteer programs, we want to spread greatness across this great state.

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