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Bottled From Only Flordia Springs

People from Florida know water. (We do live on a peninsula after all.) But it’s not just because we’re experts at the jellyfish shuffle, we also happen to know what good water should taste like. Which is why Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water is only sourced from carefully selected Florida springs.

Meet Our 5 Springs

No need to wonder where our water comes from. We’re happy to show you around each of our springs (and the communities they’re a part of).

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Piney Woods, Dunes and One of our Springs

When you live in the Panhandle, you’re surrounded by rolling sand hills, piney woods, limestone caverns and mysterious cypress hammocks. You’re also not too far from Cypress Spring.

Cypress Spring


Springing into the Panhandle

Close to the Apalachicola River just west of Tallahassee is where you’ll find our White Springs bubbling out of the sand hills. And as you probably know, our nearby capital city has more of a college than coastal flair. But don’t be mistaken; it’s still hot — and humid. (We are only 20 miles from the Georgia state line.)

White Springs


A Northern Spring with Southern Hospitality

Some people say that the further north you go in Florida, the more Southern it gets. (Okay, maybe more than “some.”) But if you travel to the northern part of our state, you’ll find more than good hospitality. This also happens to be where you’ll find our Blue Spring, on the banks of the historic Withlacoochee River.

Blue Spring


A More Naturally Magical Attraction

Despite a name that sounds like folklore, the Spring of Life doesn’t bestow eternal life to anyone who drinks from it. But it does offer that fresh-tasting Zephyrhills® Brand Spring Water that helps keep Floridians hydrated, which we think is magic enough.

Spring of Life


Just Outside our Namesake City

Despite its name, there are no crystals to be found at this spring just outside of Tampa. (Which is a good thing considering the local passion for pirates.) What you will find is crystal clear water surrounded by a lush sub-tropical landscape just a skip away from a town named (go figure) Zephyrhills.

Crystal Springs
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